BBB_ is a technologically advanced cross disciplinary music and performance project

it works on the intersection of music, performance, art, design and contemporary philosophy. It was founded by allapopp and Alex Sahm in early 2015. The project works in live performance and scenographic installations format, experiments with digital voices, natural language processing, brain stimulating music and interactive visuals.

With Utopian and Dystopian setups, through experimental sound, intense electronic music and spoken word, artists try to confront the spectator with a situation where human and inhuman conditions merge, speculating on various states of mind, relationships and self-perception, altered by socially and emotionally intelligent technologies.

Exploring philosophical music album as a visual gameplay.

Songs of Cyborgeoisie is an umbrella name for a project which includes a music album, a hybrid multiplayer live opera with motion capture, a deck of tarot cards, a narrative, musical and explorative PC gaming experience and series of music videos.

This project questions the role of human fear, coded into advanced technologies of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, in forming human perception of technological futures as a dystopian place.

It invites the audience to explore contemporary philosophical ideas on non-human intelligences and empathy as a source of inspiration to handle the fear.

A durational interactive sound piece is a research on a live-show experience, where performers are replaced with interactive cyber avatars and digital technology is employed to empower their disembodiment in an interlude with algorithmic sound and „real body“ performers.

ID rather be an iphone

In this project BBB_ conveys on the position of the human in the world of trans- & posthumanist thought, body and mind enhancement techniques, general artificial intelligence and its emotionality and irrationality, biotechnology, robotics, and the dystopian philosophy of the future that already happened. Here the conceptual lyrics are spoken over rough electronic pop music, performed in a club/concert format. This story told over cross- media, includes a music album released with an interactive 40-pages booklet, a live performance with visuals and a series of conceptual music videos.

Music album


release from 1.02.17

with saasfee*rec.

Get the album


The limited edition (ed. 300)

features an augmented reality

(AR)7" booklet with metallic

cover, containing 40 lavishly

designed pages, plus silkscreen-printed CD and a download voucher. For those who are still rapped in material things.

This booklet features 13 virtual videos and bonus tracks, available via scanning pages of thebooklet by using a smartphone.

Bringing out their content in aform where material and immaterial merge somewhere at the junction of digital and physical realities.

Buddha App Says

Technologically mediated immateriality redefines among others a common sense of spirituality for a virtually-optimised self. Thereby, there is a need for reconsideration of progressive religious thought for partly digitised bodies heading into an undefined future. Ritualistic, country nonspecific, physically trying and in step with the times, it is an immersive space for a joint, participatory, philosophically oriented reflection on the representation and perception of technological spirituality.